TaiHu 300 Challenge Ride

My cycling training started slowly in 2020. After Chinese New Year I had a long cycling pause, as I didn’t ride during February and March. When I heard about this race, it was about the right moment since I was just getting back to my old fitness level. (Road cyclist like to measure themselves by […]

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Dating in China <3

In my previous articles, I have already described some of the cultural differences, that I have experienced in China. Now it’s time to focus on a more personal topic: DATING. Please keep in mind that I only can tell my story as a foreigner living in Shanghai. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Therefore, […]

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China goes virtual during COVID-19

I can’t hear the word Corona anymore (or Corona beer jokes). Therefore I don’t want to write just another article about the virus situation in China. However, I want to report about another interesting phenomena, which became more and more present during the recent situation: The VIRTUAL LIFE in China. I am still trapped in […]

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The Art of Splitboarding

I only started wakeboarding actively three years ago, when I was still living in Romania. At that time I was a bit frustrated about the ski resorts in Romania, which can be a bit old-fashioned. However, Romania has great mountains (as described in a couple of my other articles) which only needed to be climbed… […]

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The strange wonders of Jeju-Do

If you haven’t heard about Jeju island, then it’s about time to read this article 🙂 Jeju is the largest island of Korea. It is centered around the mighty Hallasan, (South) Korea’s highest mountain (1947m). As you can already see, Jeju is full of superlatives, but what else makes Jeju so special? Visa regulations First […]

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Trail Running in China

The year 2019 comes to an end. So I took some time to look back and reflect the experiences that I have made this year. I always wanted to write about how trail running started for me and how it developed into more than a sport hobby. This article will cover my major trail running […]

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